Lab Management System

The Lab Management System allows research investigators to request hazardous material pickups and maintain chemical inventories. All disposal requests, including requests for empty containers, can be made in the Lab Management System.

If you do not have an account on the Lab Management System, you may request one here.

Guidance for using the Lab Management System the first time

When you have received your login information, you should open the power point training slides side by side with the Lab Management System as you go through the process for the first time. You can access the training through this web site as many times as you like.

Chemical Inventories – Our preference is that you will log in to the Lab Management System and load your inventory yourself so you can sample all of the functionality that the system has to offer. Many features become apparent as you work through the system. If you do have your existing inventory in a spreadsheet and would like it pre-loaded, we can do that for you if you put it in a format like this Sample Inventory Template. Please attach the spreadsheet to an email directed to


Login to the Lab Management System.

Note: The back button on your browser will not work once you have logged into the Lab Management System. Please use the BACK icon that is within the window frame.

Hazardous Materials pickup

Hazardous Material Pickup Request Training

It is important to go through the training when using the system for the first time. The power point slides show you screen shots with step by step instructions.
Please go to Request LMS Account page to register for a password, to add a new room, change anything else in your profile or have your password resent to you. You will receive a response within 3 business days.

Note: Hazardous materials pickups can take up to 10 business days.

Chemical Inventory

Chemical Inventory Training

Please fill out the Chemical Inventory Registration Form, obtain your PI’s signature and return the hard copy to OEHS. You will receive an e-mail including login instructions within 3 business days. Note: if you would also like access to the Hazardous Materials Pickup request, please indicate that on your Chemical Inventory Registration Form