Safety Administrative Management System – SAM

To Log into the Safety Administrative Management System (SAM):

Click Here to Login to SAM

The SAM system (formerly the Lab Management System – LMS) provides a central location for the management and storage of safety compliance related documentation as well as management and disposal of unwanted hazardous materials.


If this is your first time accessing SAM you will need to complete the online training located here:  Safety Administrative Management System: Quick Start Tutorial

After completing the training, you will need to upload your certificate to EHS using the upload tool below. After EHS receives your “Certificate of Completion”, full access will be granted to your account within 24 business hours.

The certificate will be located in the “My Learning” page of “Bridge” (

Please Note: The creator of the Bridge application updated  the “My Learning” page so everything is listed in a “grid” view which hides the certificates that you have earned.  To change back to the list view, so you may download, print or email your certificates, perform the following steps.

1) in the right hand side of the page, right below the “export transcript” is a drop down menu. It is set at “grid”

2) click on the down arrow next to “grid” and change it to “list”.  This will change the “my learning”  page back to the list view.

3) Scroll down to the “completed” section and find the “Chemical Hygiene” training, in the same line that has the completion date in red it will say “view certificate”

This is where you can download your certificate.

Upload Certificate

LMS Certificate Upload
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB



Upon completion of this registration/training, your account will be activated in the SAM system and you will be given basic Worker Read-Only Permissions (please see below for explanation of access).  If you need additional permissions we will need confirmation from the PI (via University email) for security purposes.

Please have the PI send us an email to indicating what permissions from the following list they would like you to have:

Worker Read-Only

Read-Only basic permission that should be assigned to workers that have no other duties to perform in the SAM system.  This permission allows workers to view the chemical inventory, safety documentation, any inspections/corrective actions lab and utilize the SDS search function.

Waste (Limited)

This permission allows full access to Waste Supply Requests, Waste Pickup Requests, SDS Search Function and the Chemical Inventory.  The Documents library is read-only.

Full Access

This permission allows an individual full access to the Chemical Inventory, Waste Pickup requests, Waste Supply Requests, Profile, Documents Library, Inspections, Worker Registration, Space Registration and SDS Search Function.

SAM System Help Guides

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