Chemical Safety

Safety and management of hazardous chemical use in laboratories at the University of Utah is governed by the Chemical Hygiene Rule, which outlines basic minimum requirements when working with hazardous chemicals, and the basic requirements for a laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan.

A chemical hygiene plan template is provided below, which may be used to create a laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan.  The provided document is not comprehensive in nature and is not complete until all relevant sections are completed by the PI.  The template is provided as a tool which can be used by the PI to create a chemical hygiene plan specific to the processes present in their lab.  It is critical that all relevant sections of the plan be completed, and most especially that the plan include lab specific standard operating procedures governing the use of hazardous materials that are used in the lab as well as procedures for processes utilizing those chemicals.  A standard operating procedures template is also available below, it is not required for labs to use this template as long as their SOPs adequately detail the requirements in the lab.

Once the chemical hygiene plan is completed, all lab personnel must be trained annually on the procedures and elements of the lab’s plan.  This training must be documented and included in the plan.

The PI must review the plan, and document their review, at least annually to ensure that all relevant information is included and correctly reflects processes in the lab.



Use the following files to assist in the development of your chemical hygiene plan:

Chemical Hygiene Rule

Chemical Hygiene Plan Template

SOP template