Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)


The University has AED equipment installed in several location on campus. Knowing how to use these devices and where they are located can increase the survival rate of a heart attack by 74%.

How do I use the AED?

View the videos below for instructions on how to use the AED Plus by Zoll

How do I get in-person training?

In person training is not required for AED use.  An online training module is available for university staff here:  Online AED Training (Bridge).

In person training is available via the College of Health

Who is contacted when the AED is accessed? Does the alarm automatically get activated?

AED cabinets will not notify anyone outside the immediate area that the device is being used.

Someone must notify emergency personnel immediately by calling 911 (from mobile) or 9-911 (from desk)

Do we need a key to use the AED machine?


Where are the AEDs located in the building?

Contact your supervisor to learn where the AEDs are located in your building (Map).

Are there instructions on how to use the AED?

The AED Plus by Zoll has printed instructions and graphics on the machine, and the AED has voice prompts to guide the user. For additional instructions, watch any of the videos above.

The battery is beeping, what do I do?

Contact EHS, 801-581-6590 to report the low battery prompt. EHS will change the batteries on the AEDs.

Can additional AEDs be installed in the building?

Departments who can self fund purchase of additional AED machines can choose to do so. Coordinate any acquisitions of additional AEDs with EHS by calling 801-581-6590.

Who is responsible for maintaining the AEDs on campus?

Eventually all AEDs on main campus will be maintained by EHS. If you currently have an AED in your department that was not part of the initial process, contact the EHS at 801-581-6590 to include your department AED in the campus inventory.