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July 1, 2016

TO: University of Utah Deans, Directors, Department Heads and Supervisors

FR: Ms. Martha D. Shaub
Managing Director Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety

RE: Smoking on Campus: Complying with Utah’s Indoor Clean Air Act

As a state agency, the University of Utah is obligated to prohibit smoking within all buildings (leased, owned or operated) and in state vehicles. Additionally, smoking is prohibited within 25’of an operable window, entrance or air intake vent. Urns are placed at entrances, not to facilitate smoking, but rather to provide a place to extinguish and dispose of smoking materials as one approaches an entrance. That said, we see annually as the weather changes, we have more individuals choosing to stay close to building entrances versus move away.

The University of Utah compliance plan assigns responsibility for education of employees to supervisors that they might ensure that employees are familiar with and follow these restrictions and to department administrators who have opportunity to pass along these guidelines to students.

Compliance necessities everyone’s cooperation.

Please step clearly away from building entrances and air intakes to smoke. Please continue to use the urns provided by Facilities for disposal. Please pass along these instructions to others.

Information about Utah’s Indoor Clean Air Act can be found in Utah State Statutes at Title 26 Chapter 38 — Utah Indoor Clean Air Act:

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On campus, the University’s Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Department is available to answer questions: 801-581-6590.

Thank you.

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