Resources / Lab Coats

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to provide all lab personnel with an appropriate lab coat for their use while in the lab.  Lab coats are required at all times when in any University of Utah Laboratory.

It is also the responsibility of the PI, or their designee, to maintain all lab coats in a clean and workable condition.  Launder soiled lab coats.  Repair or replace damaged lab coats.

Launder all lab coats on a regular basis.  Do not wait to launder a lab coat until it appears dirty.  Make a plan to have lab coats laundered on a regular, scheduled basis.  Launder a lab coat right away that becomes dirty due to spillage or other contamination.  Do not launder lab coats at home or via a laundry service that is not equipped to handle lab coats.

For laundering lab coats on Campus, please utilize the laundry service located on the A Level of the School of Medicine Building – west side of the main corridor.

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