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Food Handling at Campus Events

Food handling at public events is extremely serious business. The Department of Health has requirements that the University is obligated to follow.

If an event is accessible to the public, and food will be prepared and served on site, the event must secure a Health Department Temporary Food Event Permit (~$45) and someone involved in the event must hold a current Food Handler’s Permit and all permits must be on site during the event.

Food preparation includes making cotton candy, popping popcorn, grilling, roasting or toasting.

If your campus event is accessible to the public and will involve food preparation and serving on site you must obtain a Health Department Temporary Food Event Permit and a Food Handler’s

In some situations using a caterer will not eliminate the need for an event permit. If the caterer will be preparing food for a public event away from their licensed kitchen a permit from the Health Department may also be required.

Permit processing can take up to two weeks.

Only pre-prepared and pre-packaged foods may be distributed to the public without an event permit on campus; handing out food of any kind requires a Food Handler’s Permit.

For Health Department requirements check out their website.

If you have questions about an event you are planning you may post them to or call 1-6590.

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