Training on Biohazards in Shared Spaces


All BSL2 (or higher) lab spaces that are shared by 2 or more PIs using different biohazardous agents, who are not co-PIs or co-investigators on an approved IBC protocol(s), must conduct a joint “Biohazards Awareness and Training” session for all the personnel working in the space.

The training must be presented by each PI or delegate, outlining the agents, and risks associated with the agents used for their specific research, covering at a minimum the topics listed on the following page. New employees should be trained as soon as possible after hire.  The IBC recommends repeating the training annually. If you need assistance with these training sessions please contact the Biosafety Office at 801-581-9325 or

All attendees at the training session(s) must sign a sign-in sheet that identifies the trainer(s) and agent(s) discussed: a template is included below.  Please edit the template as applicable. Submit the sign-in sheet to

Training Sign-In Sheet