Spill Kit Order Form

Spill Kit Order Form
In an attempt to simplify the spill kit ordering process and reduce costs, OEHS has updated the Spill Kit Order Form. This update gives the option to order a General Spill Kit with the option of purchasing “add-ons”. By doing so, this allows those with multiple types of spill hazards (acidic, basic, etc.) to purchase one kit with multiple add-ons. This is adverse to the previous method of purchasing individual kits for each class of potential spill. Please refer to the following section to see what is now included in the General Spill Kit as well Spill Kit Add-ons.
General spill kit:

  • (4) Absorbent pads – to absorb solvents or toxic liquids. Ex: acetone, hexanes chloroform, formaldehyde, etc.
  • (2) Absorbent socks to isolate, absorb and prevent spreading.
  • (2 lbs.) Universal safety absorbent to absorb solvents or toxic materials
  • (2) Disposable Tyvek aprons, (2 pairs) disposable Tyvek sleeves, (4) small disposal bags
  • (1) Reusable goggles
  • (1) Mini broom and dustpan
  • (1) pH Paper
  • (1 pair) Neoprene gloves

Acid spill add on:

  • (2 lbs.) Dry Acid Neutralizer – powder to neutralize and absorb acids. Ex: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid etc. *Do not use with hydrofluoric acid*

Base spill add on:

  • (2 lbs.) Dry Base Neutralizer – powder to neutralize and absorb basic materials. Ex: sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, etc.

Hydrofluoric acid spill add on:

  • (2 lbs.) Spillfyter Dry HF Neutralizer – powder to neutralize hydrofluoric acid.
  • (1) Calcium Gluconate Gel 30g tube – used as a first aid ointment on HF burns. *You must still seek immediate medical attention*

Mercury spill add on:

  • Hg Absorb – metal shavings for amalgamating and sponge with metal shavings for amalgamation if the sponge is desired.
  • (1) Plastic scoop and dust pan
  • (1 pair) Safety glasses
  • (1) Small disposal bag
  • (1 pair) Plastic gloves
  • Includes instructions

Spill Kit Order Form