Hot Work Operations on Campus

The information on this page does not apply to Hot Work at University of Utah Hospitals and clinics – Refer to University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics Facilities & Engineering Policy 15-2-26 for Hot Work in University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics.

Before submitting a Hot Works Permit Application read the following document:

HOT WORK OPERATIONS Permit Conditions 09.23.2021

The individual and/or contractor performing hot work shall ensure that all conditions prescribed in the Hot Work Operations Permit Conditions Document above and all other applicable regulations are followed prior to commencing any hot work.

An approved permit must be posted and available at the site for review by University Fire Systems or EHS Fire Marshal personnel.

After reading the Permit Conditions Document, complete the application below:

Hot Work Permit Application
First Name
Last Name
Hot Work to be Completed By *
Nature of Hot Work *
Will Hot Work Affect Fire Systems? *
Note: If fire detection systems have been affected, Fire Systems MUST be notified when Hot Work is completed - 801-585-1301
Start Time
End Time