Building Inspection

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Building Inspection

Inspector Information

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Inspector Name


Is flooring in good condition and free from trip hazards including uneven surfaces?
Are floors kept dry?
Are aisles and corridors free of obstructions?
Are exits free of obstructions?
Is the building parking lot area and surrounding sidewalks free of trip and fall hazards, including uneven surfaces?
Are exits marked with an illuminated exit sign?
Is the immediate perimeter free from dry grasses, weeds or other combustible materials?
Is lighting adequate and functioning properly in all common areas?
Are bookshelves, cabinets or other items over 4 feet tall secured to prevent tipping?
Are materials on shelves above chest level properly secured? No overhead storage of heavy items.
Is the building free of missing ceiling tiles?
Are stairwells kept clear and not used for storage?
Inspect building AED’s per maintenance check procedure

Electrical Safety

Are electrical receptacles located within 6 feet of a sink or in a wet and damp area protected by ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets?
Is the area free from cords routed across walkways or through walls or ceilings?
Are extension cords used only temporarily?
Are outlet covers in place on all outlets?
Are plugs and cords in good condition? (no exposed conductors or broken insulation)
Is a 36” clearance maintained in front of electrical panels?

Fire Protection

Have fire extinguishers been inspected and "date tagged" within the last 12 months?
Are fire alarms and extinguishers visible and not obstructed by outside objects?
Are fire extinguishers mounted properly and readily accessible for use?
Is storage material properly stored 18" below fire sprinkler systems?
Is combustible trash material properly stored away from heat sources?
Is there adequate signage to indicate no smoking within 25 feet of building entrance?

General Housekeeping

Are all exterior waste dumpsters or containers with an individual capacity of 1.5 cubic yards (40.5) cubic feet) or greater, located at least 20 feet from combustible buildings or wall openings?
Are all waste materials placed in the proper waste containers and emptied regularly?