Air Quality Permit Modification Request


  • This request is to modify the University’s Approval Order and Operating Permit.
  • Construction of a source may begin upon receipt of the modified Approval Order by the Environmental Affairs Manager.
  • Operation of the equipment may begin upon receipt of the modified Operating Permit by the Environmental Affairs Manager.
  • Project Managers must allow at least 3 months lead time for the modified Approval Order (aka construction permit).
  • Allow at least 6 months for the modified Operating Permit.
  • The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) estimates permit fees based on project information. Filing and base review fee will be due prior to submittal of the application to the DAQ.

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Air Quality Permit Modification

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(natural gas-fired generator, diesel-fired generator, dual-fuel boiler, natural gas boiler, etc.)
(heat input in BTU/hr for boilers / HP or KW for generators)
Schedule and operating conditions (e.g.: hot standby for boilers, no-load for generators, emergency backup; 3 hours per day 5 days per week; etc.)

Emission Rates

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