Micah Shelley

I can help with:

Radiation use area inspections and surveys

Radiation meter/instrument calibration

Radioactive waste pickups

Pam Manglona

I can help with:

Radiation Safety Program Training

Laser safety

Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), Visible light protection

Magnet, Radar, Antenna safety

Mario Bettolo

I can help with:

Regulations relating to licensed radioactive material, and radiation-producing equipment

Clinical use of radioactive material

HUS-RSC (Human Use Subcommittee of the Radiation Safety Committee)

RDRC (Radioactive Drug Research Committee)

MURSC (Medical Use Subcommittee of the Radiation Safety Committee


Tyler Fredsall

I Can Help You With:

  • Hazardous Material Pickup
  • Lab Management System
  • Waste Disposal
  • Chemical Storage

Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to reducing injury, accidents, and environmental impact and ensuring compliance.

Bryson Ockey

I Can Help You With:

  • Providing details of trainings offered by EHS
  • Scheduling a training event for your department
  • Cheering for the Utes at any of their athletic events. GO UTES!!!


Neil Bowles Ph.D

I Can Help You With:

  • Registering with the Institutional Biosafety Committee
  • Risk Assessments for Biological Agents
  • Biosafety Training
  • Laboratory Inspections


Steve Natrop

I Can Help You With:

  • Hazardous Materials Classification and Disposal
  • Shipping Dangerous Goods
  • Emergency Response on Haz Mat spills


Michael Brehm, P.E

I Can Help You With:

  • Air Quality Permitting
  • Storm water Management
  • Hazardous waste and materials
  • Environmental Compliance


Tyson Chase

I Can Help You With:

  • OEHS payments
  • Registrations
  • Invoices
  • Billing questions

Mission Statement:

EHS promotes workplace practices that result in the preservation and development of university resources including employees, the environment and campus facilities by meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.