All In For Safety

What does it mean to be “All In for Safety”?

It means we take the approach of no excuses. Nothing is someone else’s fault; nothing is someone else’s problem. We take the approach of full commitment, responsibility, and accountability for our own safety and the safety of others, in every situation.

It means that safety is not simply a priority – it is a core value in all that we do, on and off the job.   It means that safety is a part of who we are, and it redefines everything we do – for the better.

It is a commitment to be the best and to think differently.  It means we approach every situation with a mindset of being the safest we can possibly be in any given situation.   Risk assessment becomes automatic and hazard control strategies are interwoven in all we do.

 It is philosophy that will improve productivity and processes, job satisfaction, and general wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.